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My Wish For You

On This Day

May the meaning and the blessings of your life
be strong and clear.
May your path be filled with love,
and peace.

May you look upon nature as the rose that unfolds in the daybreak and the let the dew be your kiss of life.
May the strength of your life be found in God, nature, the smiles of children, the sadness of poverty, and the demise of the light in the eye of an elderly person.

If the city of your past contained dwellings of abuse and abandonment, may your new abode be happiness and contentment.
May the stages of your life ever provide a golden link to the Infinite. Like the almond and the apple blossom;
may your lift your head, call across the oceans, and span your golden wings with the spirit of the maiden.

You are, to me, as flowers that grow in the shade. May the gentle breeze pass beyond and bring your needs to the sunlight.

I see you with Love.

Today and forever, awaken to the tale of life,
it is a joyful thing.

"On This Day"
Copyright 2001
Michelle Ligtner

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