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Flower RuleLinks to Sites that provide on-line sculpting and dollmaking lessons

  • Dollmakers Academy The Shabti Academy for the Dollmaking Arts, sponsored by the Dollmakers'Internet Community, is different from any other online classes. We concentrate on the art and fine craft of making dolls. Our courses concentrate on techniques and not on projects. We cater to the serious dollmaker. We find that many artists who are already professionals still find worth in taking our classes. We welcome all of you who are here toimprove your craft.

  • Joggles.com On-line classes in a variety of mediums with instructions from industry-recognized doll artists.

  • Lawrence Mayes Studio

    Lawrence Mayes "Bud" has been a sculptor for many years. His primary work has been limited edition bronzes. In the last year or so he has become interested in Art Dolls. During that time, he discovered that a number of artist were interested in sculpting guides or aids. He now offers resin models of the anatomy and figure "parts" as a reference tool for sculptors. Sculpted and cast in resin, the studies include various female figure studies, facial studies, arms, legs, hands, ears,feet and Infant suddies. He has also developed an interesting way to make under-armatures (skeletons). Information on all his study Aids is on his Blog. A MUST SEE for those wishing to improve their sculpting skills.LOCATION New Mexico

  • Patricia Rose Studio Studio- Patricia Rose is an artist who sculpts in polymer clay. She offer molds, sculpting kits, supplies, seminars on doll making, one of a kind dolls, fairies, mermaids and other fantasy figures and much more! Doll sizes range from 3" to 11". Follow her home page to tips and tutorials about working with polymer and her molds.LOCATION Bradenton, FL

Flower RuleLinks to Sites that have specific doll making tips, tutorials and techniques

  • Joan Benzell , Web site = http://www.joanbenzelldolls.com

  • Jean Lotz ,web site = http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/3808/lstudio.html

    Here are a couple of tutorials on drawing the eye which will help in painting:
    • Elfwood Tutorials (FARP) The Fantasy Art Resource Project brought to you by Elfwood. Lots of great turorials from drawing to writing, to working with computer generated images.

    • Firing tips from Dalzell Ceramics Ceramic kiln firing tips.Includes tips and menu instructions to: Cones & Controllers, Using The Three Cone System, Loading A Kiln For Best Results, Cracking & Warping Caused By Drying & Cracking, Firing Ceramic Bodies, Success With Lusters, Understanding Crazing, Making Foodsafe Ware, Cracking & Thermal Shock, Firing Red Glazes, Success With China Paints, Porcelain Firing Guide, Solving Glaze Defects, Blisters,Craters and Pinholes,Improving Kiln Uniformity, Firing Handbuilt or Thickcast Ware, Firing Lead Free Glazes, Success With Decals, avoiding Carbon Burnout Problems and more

    SCULPTING: Developing an idea for a sculpture:
    • James Mellick presents his Article on Ideas An excerpt of a lecture given to Ohio Northern University students at the start of his laminated wood and carving course. It offers insight has to how he thinks and work.

    Critiquing Work;
    • Fantasy Art Resource Project Giving critical reviews can be more frustrating than getting them. You just don't know what to say, you don't know how much is enough advice, you don't know where the line between style and inaccuracy is, and it may seem like every time you try to be helpful, the advice you give is interpreted incorrectly. This is a comprehensive solution to those problems; an all-users guide to giving out the dirt without burying the artist (or writer, in all cases).

  • Doll Station Annex Reference pictures and dollmaking tutorials including:
    Barbara's Tutorial (Creating a small baby head, approx. 1.5 inches)
    Claudine's Tutorial (Creating a baby doll head)
    Kari's Tutorial (Creating a life-size baby head)
    Mini-Tutorials (Dottie's wig tutorial, Dianne N.'s cloth-bodied doll, Allie's doll tutorials, Pat's Fairy Wing Tutorial).

  • Sculpting tips from Jackie Rousseau of Faery Forest Sculpting tutorials include:
    Making an armature
    Inserting the eyes
    Sculpting a simple wing
    Making a face with opened mouth
    Making a hand using an armature

  • Gathering of Artist, Epitome Ezine Follow the tips and technique links to a wonderful tutorial by Amy Rawson - making an armature and her article about creating Hugin and Munin.

  • Wayne the Danes sculpting tutorial on facial expressions

  • Doll Making Articles by June Goodnow, NIADA Artist
    The Importance of Eye Placement
    The Importance of Ear Placement
    Home Made Sculpting Tools

  • Emilys Fairies Follow the Artist Hints - links to some great polymer clay sculpting tutorials including: making fairy wings, sculpting clean, lips, head, etc. Her tutorials are available for download in a pdf format.

  • Eye Size Chart Chart of eye sizes for a wide variety of animals along with humans, and the equivalent sizes at several common scales for sculpting. A few examples of the animals included are: elephants, dolphins, horses, wolves, and even a few dinosaurs.

  • Artist Patricia Rose Patricia shares a lot of tips including keeping clay clean, baking, posing and much more.

  • Portraits in clay by Heidi Maiers Follow the links to mini demos and on-line lessons.

  • Faery Forest Sculpting Tips and Tutorialsl

  • Making gallery glass wings

  • What is a Spoon Doll? Artist Jill Willich presents a tutorial on making a spoon doll.

  • Marikas Dolls Marika Spijkers offers online lessons in sculpting hands and making your own eyes. Follow the link to her on-line lessons.

  • Sculpting Hands by Linda Smith A demonstration on making the armature, correct proportions and sculpting in Super Sculpey." in the Tips & Tricks links section.

  • Sculpting the Head of a Child by Lewis Goldestein detailed tutorial on sculpting a child's head.

  • Sculpting the Bust of an African Woman by Lewis Goldestein detailed tutorial on sculpting an African Woman

  • Sculpting a baby by Claudine Roelens Excellent tutorial on sculpting a baby's face.

  • Critter Tutorial Sculpting a dragon by Julie Sizemore
    Sculpting with Aves Apoxie Sculpt /Apoxie Clay:
    • Articles from Aves Sudios These articles have been written by qualified people in their fields, and have appeared in various publications and mediums. Articles include:
      Dolls and Accessories (various articles on creation and restoration)
      Plastic Models (various articles)
      General Repairs & Restorations (various articles)
      Props and Effects (various articles)
      Gourd Customization Step by Step Guide with Pictures
      Fantasy Sculpting (various articles)
      Taxidermy (various articles).

    Cloth Doll Tips:
    Costume Design and Sewing
    Composition Dolls
    • National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts

    • Exclusive dolls and articles for your dollshouse I have dolls poured in Flumo as well as some faerie sculptures in Polymer Clay. Of special interest is my tutorial section where I have step-by-step tutorials on pouring a doll in flumo, costuming an Indian dancer and making faerie wings using semi-precious gemstone powders. LOCATION India

    • Hofman Doll Works Superb porcelain dolls created in the classic 1" = 1' scale, we also offer plaster doll molds and costume patterns as well as porcelain kits for the miniature doll artist. The site includes tutorials and patterns for miniature dolls. LOCATION: 292 Corbett Creek Rd, Colville, WA 99114

    • Miniature Art Projects Pages Lots of doll related projects by many artists.

    • What Glue Should I use? This To That this site will give you a suggestion

    Mold Making:
    Latex Mold and plaster "work molds"
    • Original Paper Doll Guild Includes a "kid's gallery" of paper dolls created by kids - great inspiration. Also check out their links page

    Papier-mâché Dolls:
    Porcelain Dolls:
    Polymer Clay Dolls and Tips:
    • Anna-dolls One of a kind dolls by Ans Werker, The Netherlands. Site includes tutorials and also many photos and descriptions of the sculpting process of dolls. LOCATION: Netherlands

    • AuroraDreams Ooak polymer clay sculptures, wings and wing tutorial LOCATION: United Kingdom

    • David Locke Higgins Figurative Sculpture David's site includes tutorials for making a galvanized wire and styrofoam armature, and a hollow armature.

    • Dollmaker Site Dollmaking supplies and instructions

    • Dolls by Jolene Jolene Thompson's site features tutorial pages showing the body construction of her "Wee'uns" and original one of a kind Aves Apoxie Sculpt and polymer clay art dolls. <br>Includes elven folk, fairies, mermaids, and other art dolls. Also contains authorized figures of characters from fantasy writer, Mercedes Lackey. <br>Jolene's acrylic paintings range from CD covers created for Firebird Arts and Music to wolves, Victorian houses, portraits, landscapes and Native American. LOCATION: Oregon

    • EmpeirusdeFaire Wing tutorial Cheri Desiree shares her technique of making fairie wings from translucent clay and wire.

    • Goddess Dreams Artist Aidamaris Roman - Tutorials and a sculpting aid for beginners. A very detailed fairy head with lots of face details and pointy ears. This head is about 1 1/2 " and about 2" with neck. She is made out of resin.

    • MSAT Mini Dolls Click on the Tips Archive for a lot of tips ranging from sculpting to wig making.

    • Katherine Dewey's Elven Works Lots of tips and techniques for the Polymer clay doll artists, Selecting Your Clay, Preparing your Clay, Forums, Workbooks and books available, Specific tips for working in polymer clay, doll armatures, painting and making accessories such as animals. A MUST SEE site for the polymer clay artist!

    • Polymer Clay Central A vast amount of information about working in polymer clays, including instructions, projects, and tips & techniques. Follow the links.

    • Sky Gazer Designs Links to polymer clay lessons and tutorials.

    • Making "glass" eyes by Antonette Cely Antonette describes how to make eyes from polymer clay as an alternative to purchasing glass eyes.

    • How to make faux reptile skin Polymer clay artist Desiree McCrorey presents this tutorial as well as other instructions.

    Mask Makers Tips
    • Mask Makers.web The site for mask makers and mask lovers.

    • Goblinart.com Fine Art Masks, props and sculpture. Follow their resources links for how-to information.

    How to make a jointed doll:
    • Angels Unaware Reborning, Free Tutorials, On-line classes, Free Pattern Sculpting tips, dolls for sale. Location Hiram, OH - USA

    • Wig Wefting Tips from Antonette Cely

    • Mohair Wig .com Susan Doyan supplies wefted mohair in a variety of colors as well as wefted human hair for use in dollmaking. She has a tutorial on her site “Make an Applied Wig for Your Doll”.

    Wood Dolls:
    • Jean Lotz Although Jean creates in a variety of media, she is best known for her wooden dolls. Work includes her "Hitty" dolls and others. Lots of information and links to wood carving information as well as other doll artists, organizations and tips and tricks. LOCATION: Lacombe, LA.

    • Sculpting a wood doll Hirano Masamichi Is A Modern Japanese Artist Sculpting Traditional Japanese Dolls in wood

    • Bill Jundt's Homepagefor a list of other Internet Carving Opportunities.
    Wax Dolls
    Bronze Sculpture

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    • Click Here to Visit! The Doll top 100 lists sites based on their rankings. Lots of other sites and information.

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