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Lady Jelena,

A 26 inch, One-of-a-Kind polymer clay sculpt by Michelle Lightner

Lady Jelena's head w/breastplate, arms and boots are sculpted in ProSculpt.

Her gown is a circa 1883 Ball Gown made of Duponi silk and embellished with embroidery and lace. The gown was inspired by a photograph, plate 61 from the Victoria & Albert Museum, depicted in the book "Four Hundred Years of Fashion". The interpretation of the pattern, with adjustments and compensations for a doll-size gown, was drafted and sewn by Michelle Lightner. Many hours of drafting and fitting muslin pieces resulted in a costume befitting this beautiful lady, complete with historic undergarments.

She has glass eyes, a mohair wig and lashes, and sculpted 18th century boots. She has a poseable wire armature over a cloth, fiberfill body. The permanent wooden stand is made from an unfinished wooden base, sanded and varnished. A dowel is attached to the base and a PVC pipe is inserted into the cloth body. The dowel is inserted at the crotch to ensure a proper stance and sturdy display.


gown back

The back of the train and bodice. The back of the bodice incorporates the "Swallow Tail" design used during that period. and is fully lined

The back and sides of the train are embellished with antique lace medallions acquired at an antique shop in Snohomish, WA. The antique lace is hand sewn on the lined train. The antique medallions are also used on the back of the bodice, neck area, and the gussets in the sleeves.
The lower edge of the train is completed with a row of lace and tiny pleats done in a contrasting ivory Duponi Silk.

gown side

A side view of the gown

gown front

The front of the gown, including the underskirt - The silk bodice laces in front via hand-sewn buttonholes and silk ribbon, partially covered in the front with pearl embellishments.
The underskirt is made of embroidered Duponi Silk, lined with cotton batiste. The edge is scalloped and trimmed in lace and pleats.
The underskirt is the first part of the costume designed following the completion of the Undergarments.


Lady Jelena's Hands -


Lady Jelena's Sculpted Boots -


Lady Jelena -

I hope you've enjoyed what we've shown on the making of Lady Jelena.

You can view the making of her historic undergarments including the chemise, corset, bloomers, bustle and petticoat, here.

Or, Sculpting Lady Jelena Pictures and an article about making the breastplate and the initial sculpt.


Michelle Lightner

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