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Information about
Snake River Valley Fishing

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If you're fly fishing the Snake River Valley, be prepared to go to great lengths to find that certain "spot" where the big Browns, Rainbows, or "Cuts" abide. It takes time and a thorough enjoyment of the sport to seek those spots in many river shores, box canyons, and isolated streams.. but ...
"the enjoyment of it all" pays off.

Snake River Country Flies and Waters SNAKE RIVER COUNTRY
BY: Bruce Staples
This book is a MUST SEE for all who want to explore the Snake River Valley fishing areas and a history of the flies used in this area.
Softbound:ISBN# 1-878175-08-4
Hardbound:ISBN# 1-878175-09-2
Published by:
Frank Amato Publications
P.O. Box 82112
Portland OR 97282
PH:(503) 653-8108
To quote the back cover; "About half of this book contains explicit fishing information and travel directions about such legendary trout streams as the main Snake, Henry's Fork, South Fork Snake and Teton rivers as well as dozens of other lightly fished smaller streams, spring creeks, lakes and reservoirs, featuring trout from one to over 15 pounds!"

Bruce has done a wonderful book that not only shows photos about the fishing spots in our area but provides a detail of the trunk streams, highland drainage and sinks drainage of the area. In addition, he provides fly patterns including dry flies and wet flies. Bruce lives in Idaho Falls and has fished the Snake River and Yellowstone Park waters for nearly thirty years. Other books by Bruce include his River Journals, available in hardbound and softbound editions. He contributes articles to American Angler, Fly Tier, and Fly Fishing Magazines. He enjoys and instructs all levels of fly tying and contributes to the preservation of the east Idaho environment.

The author of this web page has no benefit from showing references to this book. The author of the book has graciously granted me the privilege of depicting some of the photos from his book for use on this web page. This is strictly to provide the user with some insight as to the beauty we behold within our country.
Where applicable, all photos from Bruce's book will be shown with the original photographer's credit and credit to the book and publishing company.
The book can be obtained at most book stores and local fly shops including:
Jimmy's All Season Angler
Idaho Falls, Id
PH:(208) 524-7160
OR..submit an inquiry to me via the feedback link below and I will let you know where it may be purchased.

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