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Links to Specialized Original Artist/ Designers.

Flower RuleArtist Specializing in Sculpting Babies and Toddlers

  • Angela Originals One Of A Kind Life-Like hand sculpted "Baby" dolls. Limited Edition Silicone. LOCATION: United States

  • Anna-dolls Anna-dolls - one of a kind dolls by Ans Werker. Ans also sculpts fantasy dolls. Her site includes many photos of the sculpting process of dolls. Several pages show the journey and struggle in sculpting a doll with all the mistakes and alterations which finally lead to the finished doll. LOCATION: Netherlands

  • Amandas Attic Amanda sculpts 100% totally hand sculpted babies, without the use of any molds- miniature babies. 1 1/2 - 3 inches. LOCATION:South Carolina, USA

  • Artpop OOAK cernit babies, silicone babies by Anneke Doevenand. Also, hand knitted clothes for them. LOCATION: Netherlands

  • Arts Polymer Your not going to see a baby identical and no baby are perfect lake human. Starting from my imagination and a lump of clay. LOCATION: Canada

  • Baby Dolls of Els Van Tricht Wonderfully sculpted Cernit Babies! To quote Els;"For 4 years now I make my own, all one of a kind, babies, and I try to make them all look like real babies. I have three daughters and one grandson, Donavan, which is a nice example to model, :-) All dolls I make are made out of cernit modelling paste. I mix the cernit to get the right colour for the baby's skin. The eyes are made out of glass blown crystal and the babies have human hair eyelashes and wear a high quality mohair wig. All baby dolls will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity and are all unique, so there will be one piece only."Els provides seminars and instructions. LOCATION Holland.

  • Babies Baby dolls created by Luciana Miglioranzi Cavini. All babies came inside a bubble! LOCATION: Brazil

  • Babies of Modelene Hand sculpted by Ineke Oskam, come into the world of little wonders.Inke's wonderful, life-like babies are sculpted using modelene. LOCATION: I.Oskam Sportlaan 20 2995VN Heerjansdam The Netherlands

  • - Belindas Web One of a Kind sculpted from polymer clay baby dolls of all sizes. LOCATION: Tenn

  • Carly's Cuties Nursery Reborn dolls, sculpted mini babies and fairies. LOCATION: California

  • Chris Jones Originals One of a Kind, hand sculpted, miniature babies and toddlers. LOCATION: USA, Arkansas

  • Claudine Roloens Professional doll artist with classes and instructions. She also has a shop where you can purchase everything you need to make dolls. Claudine works in polymer clay and specializes in babies and toddlers. LOCATION: Belgium

  • Els Oostema baby doll designer Els Oostema started as a doll artist to design and make baby dolls in 1986. She opened her own studio, the "Sierpoppen Atelier". From there, she sells, with a lot of success, handmade baby dolls and all the necessary materials to make them. She expresses all her creativity and love for babies. This connects also with teaching the craft to her students. She's very proud, that many baby doll -artists have started making baby dolls with the technique she developed, after attending one of her classes, studying her books, or viewing her instructional video." i>LOCATION Netherland.

  • Giggles*n*Burps Creates lifelike One-of-a-Kind (OOAK) Baby Dolls in polymer clay. LOCATION: Ontario, Canada

  • Handmade dolls and toys Handmade dolls in polymer clay. Handmade bears, mice and rats. Handmade wooden toys and gadgets. Small wood turned objects. LOCATION:Grobbendonk ( Province Antwerp) Belgium

  • Hand sculpted Doll Art by Debra Lynn Hand sculpted babies and toddlers and small limited edition artist dolls. All original one of a kind dolls. LOCATION: USA

  • Koosje's Poppensite Koosje's Dolls - one of a kind dolls handmade by Koosje Dreier Gligoor. Koosje sculpts newborn/premature and baby dolls. On two pages of the site, Koosje introduces herself and tell us how its come that she began sculpting dolls. Among other things the site showed a photo gallery with all the dolls which are still ready for adoption and all dolls which are already adopted. LOCATION: Netherlands

  • Little Dolls by Chris Little Dolls by Chris is a website which offers one of a kind polymer clay babies. They are of various sizes. The site also contains tiny accessories for polymer babies. Many tiny onesies and other machine made clothes. LOCATION: Arkansas

  • Lullabydolls OOAK baby dolls by Janet Paulger and Carol Audis, sculpted from modelene and also made in silicone. LOCATION: England

  • Mary with Children Artis Mary Duindam has been sculpting OOAK dolls from modelaine for over 6 years. She has provided classes in sculpting and currently has a contract with a company to reproduce 2 of her original dolls in vinyl. The knitted clothing is specially hand-made by a designer. It is Marys passion to create loving babies. LOCATION: Netherlands

  • Marty's Baby Creations Hand sculpted realistic lifelike baby dolls. These babies are created from prosculpt. No molds are used. Lorna can sculpt from a baby picture or just from her imagination. She takes custom orders. Her babies all have a soft body which makes these darling little babies pose-able. She can sculpt a baby from your baby picture. LOCATION: California

  • Michèle Manstein - artist dolls Artist dolls from Michèle Manstein: the "mm-Herzenskinder".Portrait dolls, One-of-a-kind-dolls and limited editions in vinyl, completely produced in Germany in the tradition of German arts and crafts. The "Herzenskinder" -which means children of the heart- are very special dolls with sensible characters. Almost life sized, made of the finest materials. LOCATION: Germany

  • Milestone Babies Milestone Babies Donna L. Gulrud is a doll artist who is battling breast cancer and has chosen to dedicate a portion of the proceeds from her site to the Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation. Milestone Babies are individually sculpted in clay and personalized as a prefect gift for Births, Baptisms, Weddings, Anniversaries. Unique, handmade, keepsakes and heart warming gifts for Mothers.

  • My Baby, Your Baby Memorial dolls for families of angels. Amanda Taylor makes babies,all individually made. Teeny babies. She also crochets pouches, hats and blankets for the babies. LOCATION: UK

  • Rosemary Rhodes Original Doll - Limited edition artist original life size porcelain dolls to represent young children, babies, toddlers. Custom order 47" dolls are average for artist Rosemary Rhodes. LOCATION: Shelton, WA USA

  • OOAK (one of a kind) Miniature Clay Baby Sculptures by Katt's Kreations My babies are all free-hand sculpts, created without the use of molds. Just lots of time, love and imagination is poured into each one to make them look as life-like as possible. They have very detailed features. All of the little baby folds and wrinkles are there, itty bitty hands and tiny toes. They are true miniatures, measuring between 2-5 inches. Each little treasure has their own look and personality. I just love sculpting so much and I am excited every time I see what jumps out of my clay. And to see my baby sculptures come from my heart and hands for others to enjoy is so wonderful and rewarding:) LOCATION: Northern California

  • Original Life-Like Newborns by Eve Gagnon Eve Gagnon is a professional sculptor who creates one-of-a-kind newborn dolls in polymer clay and limited edition in silicone. Portrait dolls and special orders are available. LOCATION: Quebec, Canada

  • Petra*s Dolls and Dolls Fashion Each baby is an original piece of artwork. The head, arms and legs of the babies are sculpted of the Australian clay Modelene and Cernit. They have a soft cloth body filled with fibre fill and granulite balls, weighed like a real newborn baby, about 5/6 pounds. The length of the babies is 50 cm. Crystal eyes are used and special soft baby mohair is implanted in the heads to create a natural and realistic baby look. I also make the outfits for the dolls, they are hand knit. LOCATION: Holland

  • Shelley Halperin - Hand Sculpted Collector Dolls. Shelley Halperin Dolls are original, hand-sculpted dolls for the serious collector. With each sculpt, I strive to capture the true beauty of infancy. Using professional artist clay and an image in my mind, I go into great detail, creating the cutest of wrinkles & creases you expect on newborn babies. I strive to sculpt my babies with such realism - you'll have to take a second look! Each One of a Kind baby is sculpted without the help of any molds. Special care goes into every detail. With each new Baby I create a limited edition of Collector Reborn Dolls. The rest are sold as vinyl doll kits for other artists to bring to life! I am so passionate when it comes to sculpting these little bundles of joy. Babies are truly God's greatest blessings, and I love being given the opportunity to imitate the best artist of all. LOCATION: USA

  • Sculpts by: Amanda Totally hand sculpted Polymer Clay Baby Sculpts, Baby Shower Corsages made with these babies, Christmas Ornaments, and holidays. LOCATION: South Carolina, USA

  • -Sugar Baby Creations -Precious, One Of a Kind, realistic hand sculpted babies and creatures by Mina. Also offering baby web sets and graphics for auction templates and web sitesLOCATION:Adelaide, South Australia

  • Susan Arellano e mail I dont have a web site currently. I can be reached at my email address and will forward photos if desired. LOCATION: Oregon

  • Suzan Wolters Look here for the new available handmade baby dolls from doll artist Suzan Wolters. LOCATION: Netherlands

  • Sweet Creations From the Heart Marion Ringelben's babies. Each baby has hand sculpted head, hands and feet, And has a weighted cloth body that feels ooh sooo real! They are given realistic glass eyes, wonderful mohair wigs, and natural coloring. Marion pays attention to the smallest of details to capture the innocence of the little child. Marion Ringleben lives in Germany with her husband and children. She is always creating babies to make available for adoption

  • Ulrike's OOAK Babies OOAK baby dolls by Ulrike Leibling, sculptured from modelene polymer clay without the use of any molds. Site is currently in German. LOCATION: Germany

  • Welcome to philsooakbabies I sculpt one of a kind babies from polymer clay without the use of moulds. I also like to sculpt other creations such as monkeys and fairies for fun. LOCATION: Ireland

  • Welcome to lullabydolls OOAK baby dolls by Janet Paulger and Carol Audis, for sale in the UK . We do not sell on-line or ship overseas at this moment in time. LOCATION: England

  • Whimsical Whispers Original Dolls Original, one-of-a-kind infant sculptures handmade by Elizabeth Wood. LOCATION: New York State, USA

  • Zorzin's Nursery OOAK mini babies hand sculpted by Rute Paci Zorzin LOCATION: USA

Flower RuleArtist Specializing in Fairies, Elves, and Fantasy Creations

  • - A Work Of Hart Fine Art Dolls by Marcie Hart One Of A Kind Fine Art Sculpted Dolls. LOCATION: Boise, ID

  • ArtDoll-playing with fantasy -handmade dolls Great handmade dolls from Germany Doll artist, Member from european Doll artists, great Design and Color, enjoying for `Collectors and Art people around the world LOCATION: Germany

  • Arte Tokio Introducing the fairy seamless silicone doll.The fairy doll with fantasy wing. The body is made of silicone so it is very soft and the frame permits various posing. Beautiful fairy doll by Artetokio co.,Ltd, made in Japan. LOCATION: Japan

  • CECES DOLL DELIGHTS I show my work,my items for sell, my friends and family polymer clay items/dolls, quilts and more. LOCATION: Georgia, USA

  • -Creations of Mysticism -Sculpture artist Kassity Allison creates pieces of astounding realism. Kassity is one of the most interesting and exciting new sculpture doll artists because of the astounding realism in her sculpted art dolls and the her scope of talent. She does the finest realistic museum-quality male sculptured dolls, she can equally create women, children and fantasy of all kinds. LOCATION:Salem Oregon

  • Audrey Swarz Originals, Enter the imagination of Audrey Swarz with her sculpted one of a kind santas, angels, elves and art dolls in polymer clay. Created and detailed by the artist. Visit often to see new pieces as they become available.LOCATION:Michigan

  • Dewfairies Artist Jadine C. Artist Jadine C. is an italian doll maker devoted to fantasy art. The gallery features her one of a kind beautiful creations (contains partial nudity). The site contains also free wallpapers and useful tutorials to download. LOCATION: Italy

  • Elena Original Collectable Art Dolls by ElenaCreative - Collectable One of a Kind collectible (OOAK) hand Sculpted fairies, mermaid and Dolls created with polymer clay such as Prosculpt, supersculpt, Fimo. All fairy and Mermaids are by elenacreative. LOCATION: Canada

  • Elysian Field Originals New England artist, Valerie Ashley, creates adorable OOAK pieces that delve into the realms of whimsy and fantasy. All are hand sculpted pieces using polymer, paper clay, resin, and cloth. LOCATION: Rhode Island

  • Faeries in the Attic FITA - Be sure to check out the Faerielady's extensive collection.

  • Fairies Garden Artist - Christine Firrito-Easton. One-of-a-kind Flower Fairies, Mermaids, and other fantasy creatures designed using Barbie, Gene and other fashion dolls. Christine is also a metal smith. Special requests are available for handmade jewelry in silver and gold. LOCATION: Harrisburg, PA - USA

  • FaerySpell Creations Completely Unique Handcrafted Fairy and Mythic Art Dolls. LOCATION: California

  • Fantasy Art of Marilyn Radzat Marilyn Radzat has been creating art in the figure form for over 25 years. She uses the body as the canvas, transforming the sculpted piece with layers of fabric, nature's elements, and found objects. Marilyn's masterful skills in the art of assemblage adds her characteristic emphasis to the dimensional collage. Marilyn's work can be seen in many fine galleries throughout the United States and in the private collections of such well-known personalities as President and Mrs. Clinton, actress Demi Moore, author Anne Rice, entertainer Richard Simmons, director Ron Howard, to name but a few.

  • Goddess Dreams One of a kind polymer clay fairies by artist Aidamaris Roman LOCATION: USA

  • Gossamer Winged Creations A look at fairies, elves, imps, nymphs, mermaids and other mythical creatures through sculpting. LOCATION: USA

  • Megon Noel Creations Megon Noel Creations offers one-of-a-kind sculptures of magical creatures. Faeries, Elves, Goblins, Mermaids & all aspects of fantasy and whimsy are showcased on this site! LOCATION: California

  • Mollamaei Creations One-of-a-kind polymer clay fantasy sculptures made by talented Finnish artist Anna-mari Kaipainen. A place where a world of fairies and mermaids come to life. ....Seek for the beauty around you and just imagine..... LOCATION: Finland

  • Nenúfar Blanco - Art Dolls by Rosa M. Grueso One-of-a-kind hand-sculpted Fantasy Art Dolls. Faeries, mermaids and more! LOCATION: Barcelona - Spain

  • OOAK Polymer Clay Fairies and Mermaids OOAK Fairies, Mermaids and Dolls made by Elenacreative. LOCATION:Canada, Ontario

  • - Patricia Rose Studio-Artist Patricia Rose offers molds, sculpting kits, supplies, seminars on doll making, one of a kind dolls, fairies, mermaids and other fantasy figures and much more! Doll sizes range from 3" to 11". LOCATION:Bradenton, FL

  • Paula's Doll House Paula Johnson creates delicate fantasy dolls, teaches online doll making classes, and offers sewing patterns as well. LOCATION: Arkansas

  • Pingree Studios Sculptor Sharon Brown exhibits her fantasy dolls, nursery tales , mosaics and whimsical art.Sharon works in polymer clay and received the Honorable Mention Award in the 2001 Jack Johnson ProSculpt Contest for her "No Fishin" Sculpt.

  • Soul of a Fairy Discover the realm of Soul of a Fairy. Enter the world of hand sculpted original Fairy art dolls by Artist: Keri Rodriguez. LOCATION: Texas

  • Spirit Whispers by Loretta Norcross These beautiful Fairies and Fantasy Figures are hand sculpted. Each solid porcelain figure is a meticulously crafted, unique figurine. These one of a kind creations from the imagination of Loretta Norcross are available to you. No molds are used in the process, no duplicates are created. LOCATION: Louisiana, USA

  • Stephanie Blythe NIADA artist Stephanie Blythe; known for her enchanting fantasy creations and attention to detail. Each handcrafted porcelain doll is a unique creation adorned with intricate costumes incorporating unusual antique textiles and radiant tiny Austrian crystals and opals. LOCATION: P. O. Box 1806, San Anselmo, CA 94979

  • Sweet Banana Dreams One of a kind hand sculpted polymer clay creations by Becca Hanson, ranging from Fairies, elves and trolls to Monkeys, primates etc. Whimsical and fun is definatly my style. LOCATION:Jordan, Minnesota USA

  • The Art of the Doll by Joanna Thomas One of Kind art dolls and fairies by Joanna Thomas. Hand sculpted from polymer, and described as "ethereal, romantic and serene with a touch of whimsy". LOCATION: Mississippi

  • The FairyGlow Gallery - One of a kind hand sculpted fairies and mermaids. LOCATION: Pennysylvania, USA

  • Toadie Studio Toadie Studio offers OOAK Fairies and Fantasy sculptures from Polymer Clay. It also features a guest sculptor each month, Merchants to check out, Links to many Doll artist of all kinds from all over the world. And a BLOG on the goings on at Toadie Studio. Toadie Studio also ha a featured page of a sculpture from start to finish, a different one each month. LOCATION: Texas USA

  • Wee Beings of Mystic Muse Designs Welcome to Fairy, Fantasy Sculpture, Dollhouse Dolls and Art Dolls. From the Studio of Cindi Cannon. LOCATION:Port Townsend, Washington.

  • Woodwife Creations Elven work and figurative sculpture combined with the natural beauty of driftwood, by artist Dawn M. WoodLOCATION: Marquette. Michigan.

Flower RuleArtist Specializing in Santas

  • Craftysantas I sculpt one of a kind santas faces from polymer clay. After baking, I mount head on wooden frame. I then sew all the outfits, dress the santas, and accessorize. Most of my creations stand over 30" tall. LOCATION: Connecticut

  • Jill's Santas Offering OOAK sculptures of Santas, Fantasy Art Dolls, and Portrait Dolls, all sizes., including life-size figures. LOCATION:USA, Florida

  • S. Nicolas Originals Site includes Original dressed art doll sculptures of Santa, Native American, Ranch Hands, Character, Angels, and Fairies. The Native American Dolls are dressed authentically, with costuming constructed without use of sewing machine and completely hand beaded.LOCATION: Colorado

  • Karenvanderlogt-artdolls.comOne of a kind Santa's and Artdolls. Hand sculpted Dolls (using NO molds) all are One of a Kind, sculpted from polymer clay. All dolls are made starting with handmade armature to finish doing all sewing of costumes without use of patterns. LOCATION:Wisconsin

  • La Juanas Originals - I create OOAK Art Dolls from polymer clay. My Santa's, Santa's Elves, Father Times, Friendly Old Gentlemen and Cowboys all have head, hands and feet hand sculpted from polymer clay attached to a wire armature body, padded with batting and cloth. Each piece is then dressed in OOAK clothing. These dolls range in size from 18" to 24". I also do some full body sculpts in clay that are smaller, usually ranging from 4" to 11". These pieces are usually small elves, trolls and angels. All my pieces are signed, numbered 1 of 1 and come with a Photo Certificate of Authenticity. LOCATION: Kansas, USA

  • Santa Doll Shop - My web site offers one of a kind hand made dolls. Each doll is uniquely crafted from vintage material and sculpted from polymer clay. The clothes are also hand made. LOCATION: USA

  • Terri Dolls The site contains the story of my first beginnings, the history of my business, and where I am headed. All my Santas are hand sculpted then re-made in doll resin, each are signed as Limited aEditions. Materials used on all dolls are high quality from the fabrics to the bbears and toys. All sizes from life-size to 12". A MUST SEE. LOCATION:Post, TX - USA
    Flower Rule Artist specializing in Berenguer Reborns and Fashion Doll Make overs.
    • - Angelic Doll Nursery Lifelike Newborn Baby Dolls Precious Lifelike Fine Art Baby Doll Bundles from Heaven. The Angelic Doll Nursery Between Heaven N earth Life Newborn Baby Dolls. LOCATION: Long Island New York NY

    • - Nicky Creations "Real Effect" kits from Nicky Creation, check the siteLOCATION: Long Island New York NY

    • Butterfly Babies Berenguer Doll Reborns - Dedicated to the art of reborning vinyl dolls.LOCATION: United Kindom

    • Capellias Reborn Babies Reborn berenguer dolls LOCATION: Sweden

    • Caramel Chocolates Nursery- Decadent treasures to love...Reborn Dolls for the Diverse Collector. A web site that promotes the enhancement and acknowledgement of reborn artistry. LOCATION: Jackson, Mississippi

    • Giggle Bellys Reborn Berenguer dolls, including special edition reborns LOCATION: Fort Worth, Texas

    • GRACE : Quality Reborn Babies for Sale, including custom orders. Open Membership to Grace as a Reborn Artist or Reborn Collector. Education Forum on the art of Reborning, including detailed steps, slideshows, etc. Reborn Auctions for children's charitable organizations.LOCATION: California, USA

    • Infant Imitations Fine Heirloom reborn dolls and custom orders. LOCATION: Mississippi

    • Jewels By Julie OOAK Fashion Doll Make overs Featuring Barbie as Cher, Genie's, and Belly Dancer's. LOCATION: NY

    • Lorry's Darlings Realistic Newborn Sculpted (no molds used) with the use of Prosculpt, Modelene and Cernit. Also Reborn Vinyl Dolls with hand-knitted outfits. LOCATION: Florida, U.S.

    • My Baby Style Original, One-of-a-kind reborn art dolls by Debra Markewicz. Debra has been making Reborn Babies and has sold them in the United States and Europe.

    • Reborn Baby Nursery Where ordinary baby dolls come to Life. Reborn Baby Nursery offers one of a kind reborn dolls ! LOCATION: N.C.

    • Reborn Dolls Reborn doll shop online featuring OOAK reborn doll artists baby dolls, newborn life like babies, reborn doll kits, how to make your own reborn baby dolls. Free videos, tutorial and guides. Bargain prices on reborn dolls at auction now. LOCATION: Canada

    • Realistic Reborns and KatsKorner Offering Custom Reborn Berenguer dolls, supplies and more! LOCATION: Illinois

    • Simply Sweet Nursery Beautiful reborn babies made to custom order. Each baby is made with tender love and care. Each time a new baby is born his or her photos will be placed on my site for all to see...please come and take peek! :) LOCATION: Australia

    • ~*Small Stuff Dolly Shoppe Nursery of Reborn Baby Dolls*~ For One-of-A-Kind Reborn Artist Dolls, Please Visit The~*Small Stuff Dolly Shoppe*~...With 3 Nursery Wards of Adoptable Reborn Baby Dolls, Clothes Boutique, Doll Supplies, and Related Doll Items...Have A Masterfully Designed Heirloom Baby Doll Created Just for You, according to Specification, Preference, or Resemblance! Stop in and Visit The ~*Small Stuff Dolly Shoppe*~ Today!!! LOCATION: USA

    • Storkbite Lane Beautiful Reborns and custom one of a kind dolls! Also carry tons of reborn supplies! LOCATION: CA-USA

    • Sweet Pee Nursery The Sweet Pee Nursery does custom Reborn Berenguer babies, or you can adopt one of our babies that have already been born here...All our babies can be born with the features that are so popular right now...full vinyl bodies, real mohair wigs, new Real eyes.LOCATION: Las Vegas

    • The Lord's Miracle Collectable Life Like Reborn Baby Dolls. LOCATION: Illinois


    • - Yellow Cottage Nursery -Hand crafted reborn baby dolls. All dolls created with lots of love and attention. LOCATION: Northern Ireland

    Flower RuleFelt Dolls - Cloth Dolls, Artists and Instructions

    • Ann's Original Design Art Dolls Original design handmade art cloth dolls. Whimsical & funky, hand painted faces. One-of-a-kind, including Jewel dolls decorated with jewelry, the Minette dolls with a French flavor, clown faces, Angel dolls with a fantasy of ribbons, Ruby dolls - large, full-bodied, decorated with scarves, laces and jewelry.LOCATION: Tucson, AZ.

    • Akira Studios Cloth dolls and masked figurines. White House Collection of American Crafts.

    • Attic Rose Creations Cloth doll patterns, original designed dolls, free patterns and tyvek bead instructions. LOCATION: Michigan

    • Barb Spencer's Original Dolls and Doll Clothes - Consists of original dolls, patterns, books, miniatures, doll house furniture, lace, pincushions, buttons, sales, order form, Barb Spencer's profile

    • Bermuda Angels Specializing in original hand painted whimsical and fun Raggedie Annes , Angels, Fairies and Cats ! LOCATION: BERMUDA

    • Bonnies Bundles Dolls We design and create imaginative cloth dolls with layers of calico clothing and expressive, hand embroidered faces. Some creations have motif eyes like flowers, birds or letters. Each one is unique, copyrighted, signed and registered. Available only from the designer. "Your eyes won't believe our eyes." LOCATION: Vermont, USA .

    • Briar Patch Babes One of a kind primitive and folk art cloth dolls handmade by Carolyn Veltrop. LOCATION: Alabama

    • Carole Nadeau Original cloth doll artist offering Carole's Co-0p of Club(s).

    • Cajun Sha Bebe Dolls Cajun Sha Bebe Dolls are Unique One of a Kind collectible cloth dolls. Cajun Sha Bebe Dolls are collectibles and not meant for play. The Cajun She Bebe Doll is a unique hand-crafted doll that is made by Mary Lynn Plaisance who is called BeB. The doll and story are copyrighted. BeB has donated many to fairs and festivals, and has sold many to locals as well as to many visiting tourist to BeB's Place, which is now home of these unique dolls of Louisiana. Signed,and dated. LOCATION: Louisiana -- Home of the Cajun Sha Bebe Doll(c) .

    • Chestnut Junction Primitive & Folkart Designs. Raggedies, Black Dolls, Animals and Seasonal. LOCATION: USA

    • Cloth Doll and Rag Toy Kits by Louise Elliott Lots of beautiful dolls and animals printed in bright washable colours on best quality cotton. The kits are easy to make up, with clear step-by-step instructions. LOCATION: Australia

    • Comfort Kids Dolls Handmade, using my original patterns, all sizes and styles of Comfort Kids Dolls are unique, soft sculpture, anatomically correct, machine washable, cloth dolls for kids of all ages. Give your heart a smile, hug a Comfort Kids Doll. LOCATION: Idaho, USA

    • Cynthias Country Designs Collection of primitive handcrafted country dolls, black dolls, raggedies, pillows and some wood items. Each one hand made with care and stuffed with a lot of love! LOCATION:Puerto Rico

    • Dangledolls These dolls are all one of a kind, they have all cloth bodies, painted faces, they are jointed for easy posing, There are hand made wooden display stands available upon request,Dolls come signed, dated, and numbered.LOCATION: 15080 Brice Dr. Brooksville, Fla.34601

    • Debbi Bain, Doll Artist Original, one of a kind felt dolls, patterns and accessories. All of DebbiÕs dolls are hand crafted in felt and soft filled in a variety of fixed poses, or jointed at the hips and shoulders. Their faces are hand painted in hand blended acrylics. Their hair is made from a variety of yarns. The costumes are individually designed and hand made from a selection of luxury fabrics.LOCATION: N. Lincolnshire, UK

    • Diane Lewis Cloth doll supplies and patterns.

    • Doll Makers Closet Primitive folk art dolls and custom designed dolls made just for you by Appalachian Folk Artist Christine Corsa LOCATION: New York

    • Dolly Cottage, handmade dolls, in Danish Follow the link to Original handmade dolls from the "DOLLY COTTAGE" . You may also find wedding gown, bags and fashion show in Copenhagen. The web site is in Danish. LOCATION: Copenhagen, Denmark

      Donna May Robinson hand painted oil portrait dolls. NIADA member since 1999 Figural artist Donna May Robinson-Pelittieri creates OOAK cloth dolls with hand painted portrait faces. Donna also designs and sells button exquisite button jewelry. LOCATION:Weston, Connecticut

    • Edwina's Dolls Original designs of cloth dolls and cloth doll patterns by Edwina Sutherland. Needle felted and one of a kind cloth dolls for sale. LOCATION: Ontario, Canada

    • Expressions of Color Soft sculptured dolls of color and custom upholstered doll furniture.

    • Gloria J.Winer Original cloth doll artist.

    • Jane Darin Whimsical soft sculpture creations.

    • Jeong Moon-Young made CHOROK clothdolls Chorok-Dolls can be made with two different characteristic of cloths with needle sculptures on each cloths. It is needed to have materials such as cotton and cloths, and only needle work. Sometimes it is needed to have other materials such as eye ball, but overall shape is done by needle work with cloths. Doll patterns and tips in KOREAN can be downloaded. LOCATION:South Korea

    • Judi's Dolls Original cloth dolls, patterns and instructions.

    • laly.cl Cloth dolls and animals by artist Laly Taìa. <spanish>. I like to embroider also to make clothing for my dolls LOCATION:Chile

    • Lisa Lichtenfels Soft sculpture gallery, salon prints, and books on the artist's technique.

    • Louie Girl Accents and Accessories Custom needle felted dolls and sculptures made of wool and other natural fibers based on your photos. LOCATION: Massachusetts

    • Maggie Made Dolls Maggie Iacono has created the only collectible, pressed wool felt doll that is completely poseable using her own unique ball jointing system. Each doll is crafted by hand creating small, limited editions that are truly unique and valued by collectors around the world.

    • Mardi Gras MisChief Louisiana artist, Connie Born artfully captures mischievous spirits in her fun and exciting dolls. MisChief creations are fashioned of carefully selected fabrics and topped off with fanciful hair. Each doll is given a one-of-a-kind unique personality by the buttons that make up it's face. MisChief creations are uniquely different collectibles and sure to bring a smile to any face. LOCATION: Slidell, LA 70458

    • Mish Mosh Art - Art Dolls and Art Quilts made by Suzanne Lappan LOCATION: NY

    • Momyjo's Rag Dolls Custom handcrafted rag and cloth dolls of various cultures such as Black, White, Asian, Latin, Native American, etc. These dolls are made to order, little girls and boys in sizes 17", 20", 25" and 36". All hand embroidered faces and my latest doll creation has a painted face. LOCATION: Madison, Wisconsin

    • Mpingo Doli, Inc. Homemade rag dolls of color. Also contains traditional rag dolls. LOCATION: South Caroliina

    • Muk Designs Muk Designs is the work of Sara Nadler - Crafts person, fashion designer and artist. Specialties include handmade eclectic cloth dolls, clothes, baby blankets, quilts, handbags, knit hats and more.LOCATION: Evanston. Illinois.

    • Muy Freak Handmade doll,stuff doll,felt doll.STYLE :Gothic,anime,cartoon and movies character´s doll.Site in spanish for the moment. LOCATION: Chile
      For a translator on some of the pages, you can run it through BableFish translator services.

    • Nat's Creations/Nat's cr√©ations - Fairies and figures in cloth. This site is in French and English - Cr√©ations de poup√©es d'artiste. Chaque poup√©e est une pi√®ce unique et originale. Galeries photos de mes poup√©es ... LOCATION: France

    • Native Creations by Tribal Wear Soft Sculpture artist dolls by Marcilla Camacho. Native American Dolls, One-of-a-Kind authentic replicas of Native Tribal Wear. Includes the pow-wow dancer and the beautiful regalia they wear. Fancy and grass dancers.LOCATION: 6342 Bonham Cir. Citrus Heights, CA 95610.

    • Norma Johnson Collectible, quality one-of-a-kind cloth dolls.

    • Parker Designs Kelly Parker presents fabric sculpted dolls, jewelry, pottery and note cards. Whimsical, hand painted, brightly colored cloth dolls.LOCATION: Michigan.

    • Raggedy Smiles Here you will find a charming collection of hand-made primitive and country dolls. We sell prim patterns, cute peg hangers and the sweetest Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, each sewn with love and lots of attention to detail. So take a peek at what we have to offer and find the perfect little treasure to make you smile! LOCATION:USA

    • Rebecca's Kit And Kaboodle Home of One-of-a-kind soft sculptured dolls, figurines and jewelry made from Sculpey by Rebecca Knell. LOCATION: New York, NY

    • Raggedies Rustic Hearts - designs from the USA made in the UK Hand made Raggedies and Critters made from either our own original designs or traditional American patterns. Framed pictures and hand made cards from our own designs. We are happy to supply to anywhere in the world LOCATION: UK.

    • Sagewind Crafters Orice Originals features one of a kind, original cloth dolls. Other dolls on the site are finely crafted from patterns of other doll makers. LOCATION: Moro, Oregon 97039

    • Sandy Cloth Dolls Soft sculptured dolls LOCATION: Washington State

    • Salt Dolls A Japanese site specializing in cloth dolls. For a translator on some of the pages, you can run it through BableFish translator services. LOCATION: Japan

    • Serendipity Whimsical one-of-a-kind folk dolls. Painted figures clothed with antique fabrics. Santas.Angels. Historical Figures. Quirky. Fun. Great for collectors! LOCATION: Denver, Colorado

    • Sew Sweet Dolls Soft dolls, easy to make.

    • Shelley Thornton Cloth doll artist and illustrator. Gallery and example of fabrication technique.

    • Soft Sculptures by Jane Darin Gallery of Cloth Doll Art, one-of-a-kind fabric sculptures and workshops.

    • Sunnie Andress Designs Sunnie creates whimsical, soft-sculpted Santas, Vermont folk dolls and Fantasy figures for collectors of one-of-a-kind, original work. All figures are signed, dated and numbered. Santas can be Victorian, Woodsy, Quilt-related, Traditional, A Theme, (Teacher's Santa, Quilter's Santa, Doll maker's Santa, etc., or simply "unusual". They appeal to people with a sense of humor! LOCATION: Derby, Vermont (in the Northeast Kingdom)

    • The Dolls Coup Original Cloth dolls, kits and patterns. Classes and instructions. Home of the Woodlings and their continuing story in The Whispering Forest.LOCATION: P.O. Box 583, Armadale Western Australia 6992

    • Tattered Rags Creepy Rag Dolls Home of Jodi Cain's one of a kind hand stitched creepy rag dolls. LOCATION:Georgia

    • The Primitive Star The Primitive Star is Alex Brown's UK-based web site. Primitives, raggedies, americana, bunnies, handmade crafts, rag dolls, clay dolls, primitive dolls, raggedy ann, annies, papier mache, patterns, seasonal, artist, folk art, and crafts made in the UK. All of her designs can be personalized except for the collectible one of a kinds. LOCATION: UK

    • WisherWood Dolls WisherWood handcrafted art dolls beautiful enough for collectors and loveable enough for children. Each doll is entirely hand-stitched, with clothing fashioned from exquisite velvets and satins and other luscious fabrics, some of which are vintage. LOCATION:Washington, USA


    Flower Rule Paper Doll Artist

    • Ana Paula Moreno Paper dolls from Argentina representing 20th century fashion.

    • Keepsakes From the Heart Collage artist Nancy Hunt Bartek presents angels, collages and paper arts. Greeting Cards, doll pins and nostalgic heirlooms. LOCATION: Paradise, CA.

    • Original Paper Dolls by "Cricket" 24 original mouse made paper doll sets. Currently, 18 free sets and 6 sets for sale. Teen dolls, boy and girl dolls, angels, teddy bears, cats and an Easter set. LOCATION: Boise, ID.


    Flower RuleWooden Dolls and Bears Artists and Instructions

    • A gallery of hearts delight Noreen Crone-Findlay presents her small wooden, jointed dolls.

    • Dolls By Pat Wonderfully creative wooden and clay pot dolls by Patricia Young.

    • Chain saw carving Offers wood carving, chain saw carvings, chain saw art and chain saw wood carvings. Our chain saw wood art carvings will make a lovely gift for you or a loved one.

    • Jean Lotz Although Jean creates in a variety of media, she is best known for her wooden dolls. Work includes her "Hitty" dolls and others. Lots of information and links to wood carving information as well as other doll artists, organizations and tips and tricks. LOCATION: Lacombe, LA.

    • RimantasWooden dolls and sculpture by Rimantas Idzelis. Jointed wooden dolls and one-of-a-kind hand carved sculptures.

    • Click Here to Visit! The Doll top 100 lists sites based on their rankings. Lots of other sites and information.

    Flower RuleBeaded Sculptures and Dolls

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