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Articles about Doll Making -Written by Artist/Designers and Doll Makers.

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Current Articles

  • How to make a patch in PCD Instructions for making a patch in PCD. Posted here for all my embroidery friends. Specific instructions for turning an embroidery design into a patch.

  • Sculpting a doll - Part II - Choosing your medium. A discussion about Natural Clays and Polymer clays - the advantages and properties of each.

  • Doll Artist or Doll Designer? - What's the difference? Michelle Lightner expresses her opinion.

  • Entering a doll in competition - A brief summary of most competition rules and judging criteria.

  • Sculpting a doll - Part I - How does one get the idea for a doll? Where do our ideas and our desires to sculpt come from? Michelle answers these questions, from her perspective.

  • Author and Freelance Writer Kathryn Witt Ever-changing and interesting articles about the world of doll making from Kathryn Witt. Beautifully written, she presents stories about artists and their journeys.

  • Articles from Aves Studios These articles have been written by qualified people in their fields, and have appeared in various publications and mediums. Articles include:
    Dolls and Accessories (various articles on creation and restoration)
    Plastic Models (various articles)
    General Repairs & Restorations (various articles)
    Props and Effects (various articles)
    Gourd Customization Step by Step Guide with Pictures
    Fantasy Sculpting (various articles)
    Taxidermy (various articles).

  • Recommended Reading We've compiled a list of suggested reading material and instructional information to assist sculptors and doll enthusiast. These are recommended reading for those who want to learn sculpting and for collectors.

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  • Click Here to Visit! The Doll top 100 lists sites based on their rankings. Lots of other sites and information.

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